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Sigma Ingegneria designs and manufactures bespoke machinery specializing in industry, aerospace, defence and research applications. Research and development are at the center of the project allowing a continuous improvement. Our offer is design and consultancy services on the engineering of industrial machinery including: mechatronics design, CE marking and qualification of the final product. Principal skills are focused in the field of mechanical design, generative design, topological optimization, FEM analysis, automation and all mechanical processes.


• Autodesk Design Suite Ultimate
• Autodesk Simulation Mechanical
• Autodesk Simulation CFD
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Sigma Ingegneria has a network of suppliers and partners that allow it to cover the entire production landscape necessary for the construction, mechanical, electrical and software of a machine. We assemble and test the turnkey machinery providing the customer with the test document. We design and build also providing machine safety. We have 3D printing machines for the production of small "structural" components.

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The founders of Sigma Ingegneria have started their professional relationship by participating on behalf of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics to the mechanical design and construction of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment of Large Hadron Collider located at C.E.R.N. Having lived in a worldwide scientific community has allowed us to understand the profound role of research, researchers and collaboration in major projects of global importance.This imprinting is soaked in the company fabric that therefore places the individual, the research and its growth of know-how at the center of the project allowing it continuous improvement.

Starting from the customer's request, we design and produce "unique" specimens destined for both research and industry. The research and development environment of the designers and the production department makes it possible to create innovative machines that are not yet available on the market, solving problems related to productivity and worker safety. The prototype is born above all from the study of the concept of industrial designers who then together with the designers draws the machine from the mechatronic point of view, finally the production department in concert with the designers assembles and tests the machine.

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Sigma Ingegneria drones are born from the aeronautical know how of their designers. The models available are the Efesto hexacopter, the dodeca engines, Horus, and the last born Helix. Efesto has a box structure in light aluminum alloy, born from the technological exchange with the CNR and is a European reference in the precision agriculture sector, it is exposed as an example of Italian technology for the traveling museum worldwide created by the "city of science". Horus is made entirely of sintered materials and carbon fiber, has removable arms and landing gear and has a payload of 12 kg. Helix is described in his specific area.

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Sigma Ingegneria assists customers both in the industrial and research world throughout the life of the product both in the design phase and in the post-sale phase. We provide our customers with all our know-how both to realize an idea and for mechatronic design. We assist the customer to solve any problem after sales in the shortest time possible, trying to minimize costs.

Among the partners, in particular, Sigma Ingegneria and Costruzioni Novicrom (a leading company in the CAD, CAM, CNC, CMM world) have the objective of exploring the impact of additive and hybrid production technologies (additive + subtractive) to move towards the next manufacturing revolution.

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